Urvi Butterfly Pillow


A therapeutic pillow that helps release stress in the neck making you feel comfortable and rested. A pillow for those who work long hours on laptop or mobiles.

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Made In India Ultra fresh ISPA
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Fast Delivery
101 nights free trial
101 nights free trial
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty


  • Butterfly-shaped pillow for relaxing the neck and shoulder, useful for people working extensively on Computers/Desk jobs.
  • It helps to keep the neck aligned and rested, decreasing stiffness and stress after a long working day.
  • Reusable multipurpose jute packaging
  • Eco-friendly, non toxic materials
  • Made in India

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Special shape to provide support for neck and space for hands


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Wake up refreshed every morning

Choosing the best pillow for you is crucial for good sleep hygiene.

  • Non-Toxic Materials

    All materials from the memory foam to the premium cotton cover are carefully chosen.

  • The right neck position

    Perfect neck alignment allows you to wake up fresh in the morning with renovated energy.

  • Customize as per your need

    Our pillows fits the niches where other brands don’t meet the needs.

Unique pillow for our consumers

All our products are not only super-comfortable but also eco-friendly and made of the best Indian materials.


Superior neck support

The Butterfly pillow provides an optimal rest and sleep experience for back and side sleepers. It will help you to keep your neck in the right position to avoid discomfort and stiffness.



Highest quality materials without hurting the environment

From memory foam sourced from BASF, to luxury cotton cover and the jute bag extreme attention has gone in selecting the best materials. The memory foam is highly durable and resilient while the premium cover can be easily removed, washed and dried.


Sustainable, multi-purpose, and re-useable packaging bag

We wanted to reduce the amount of waste that is generated globally by the disposal of packaging so we came up with our patent-pending reusable pillow bag.

The bags are made of natural jute fibers that can be used for storage, carrying your pillow while traveling, or transporting your yoga mat.

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