In balance with nature

Our Entrepreneurial Vision

Urvi brings to you curated lifestyle products all the way from India to help you rekindle the soul, the mind and the body! We call it JOYFUL LIVING.

At Urvi, we believe that when the mind and body is well rejuvenated, the day is more productive and a person spreads happiness around.


Meaningful products

How did we choose our brand names?

Urvi in Sanskrit means “Heaven and Earth” which resonates with our ideology that we all are connected to the Mother Earth. The product line proposed is exclusively Made in India (Bharat) for use by the World.

We produce pillows with you in our minds

URVI is the starting point

First in line is URVI, our exclusive range of Pillows, Sofa Bolsters, Bed & Couch Cushions, Travel pillows, Pillow for kids, Medical pillows for the comfort and use by different individuals based on their personal needs. All our pillows are made with superior quality, eco-friendly raw materials, which are safe for our consumers as, well the environment.

The Leadership Team

The Vision of Urvi is a derivative of Indo-American partnership, by way of which the rich heritage
and culture is shared.

Our team has 50+ years of collective experience in product design and development, manufacturing and customer service spanning various countries and products. Now the team is carefully curating the best Indian products to bring India to the west.

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